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Lisia, The Best AI Legal Research Tool for Companies and Law Firms

Lisia finds the answer to any legal question in natural language.

The first digital artificial intelligence platform faster, more efficient at a fraction of the cost

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Our customers & supporters

Lawyers and engineers

Lisia is an innovative digital platform resulting from the collaboration between lawyers and engineers specialised in big data and AI.

AI cognitive technology

Only with Lisia can you use natural language questions to do your legal research.
Lisia locates the part of the text within the sentences where the answer is found


Lisia can also be used on furniture

BIG DataBase

Purpose-built database.
More than 3.5 million integral judgments and maxims:
all Sections of the Supreme Court of Cassation and Massimario Ufficiale, Tribunals and Courts of Merit of Italy, all TARs of Italy and Council of State

Lysias helps lawyers win more cases:

+ 1,000 lawyer users

+40,000 applications made

The only Italian legal tech chosen for
the 2022 ERA accelerator program in the US

With Lisia you finally get the relevant answers to the most complex legal questions,
reducing your search time by 40%.

It is precisely the most difficult questions that make the difference and require the most research time; and when the questions become more specific and complex, thanks to its innovative legal AI, Lisia provides 60% more* relevant answers drastically reducing the research time of us lawyers.

*compared totraditional platforms. Out of a sample of 100 complex questions, Lisia adequately answered 75% of the time, compared to 15% on traditional platforms

With Lisia you finally get the right answers to the most complex legal questions, while also reducing your search time by 40%."

"All legal search engines can provide answers to simple questions. Unfortunately, it is the most difficult questions that make the difference in the courtroom - and require the most research time; and when the questions become more specific and complex, traditional search engines break down. Not Lisia: thanks to its innovative Legal AI, Lisia delivers 50% more* right answers to the most complex and difficult questions from the very first search, reducing the search time for us lawyers by 40%."

*compared to traditional platforms. Out of a sample of 100 complex questions, Lisia provides correct answers in 75% of cases, compared to 50% on traditional platforms

The best correct answer in two steps

1) Write a question in natural language.
With Lisia you can do your legal research by writing a natural language question in the SMART search bar, even long and complex legal questions.

2) Extract the answer from the judgment
Lisia analyzes millions of documents and in seconds locates the most relevant answer within the full judgments.

Lisia also has all the most significant Supreme Court and Merit Court Maxims. You will have the option of having the "link " to the relevant ruling.‍

We use AI © technology to answer any legal question: through a natural language question, Lisia is able to locate the answer directly within the full sentences.

No one like us.

No more having to build complex keyword searches, add filters, and wonder if you missed something.

The benefits of Lisia

Targeted research on a large number of cases

Natural language

You can ask LISIA questions in natural language, even complex ones, such as these:

1 > Is it legitimate for the promising party to refuse to conclude the final contract if he finds that the actual size of the property is smaller than that indicated in the preliminary contract?
2 > clause
resolution 2 > Does a clause in a contract fall within the vexatious clauses of article 1341 of the Civil Code?
3 > Is it possible to alienate the ownership of an existing building separately from the land?
4 > Is a trust a legal entity with its own personality?
5 > Can the condominium's creditors take enforcement action against the individual condominium owner?
6 >
Who bears the burden of proving knowledge of the state of insolvency for the purposes of bankruptcy revocation?

A comprehensive sentencing database of the last 15 years

Lisia identifies the best answer

Lisias identifies the part of the text directly within the full sentences where the answer is to be found.


We have the most comprehensive database:‍
# 1 million integral judgments and official maxims of the Supreme Court of Cassation last 35 years;
# 1.5 million integral judgments of the Courts and Courts of Appeals and the most significant maxims last 15 years;
# 1 million integral judgments of the Regional Administrative Courts and Council of State last 15 years.

Organizing searches into folders


You can store the searches you are interested in in folders for each specific case or client.

Simplified interface usable on all devices

Mobile and interface

Our technology works on all your media: smartphone, tablet, PC.
A digital expert always at your side.
Our interface is easy and intuitive, it is designed to eliminate the superfluous, you will see only the essential with innovative graphics.

Continuous chat support


Our customer care will be thorough, there will always be our experts to answer your questions, whether in chat, on the phone or by e-mail.

Offer of a free trial


We offer you the lowest price, an affordable price despite Lisia's value.
You can easily subscribe online with the guarantee that you can cancel at any time.

To start the 14-day free trial we ask you for your credit or prepaid card details, but don't worry you will not becharged.
At the end of the 14 days if you are satisfied you can comfortably continue with the subscription, otherwise you cancel.

We adopt PCI-compliant payment data security standards including encryption, continuous monitoring and testing of security systems

Free Trial begins

We have set up a panel of lawyers to develop a new and superior product, suitable for all legal and business professional needs.

For the independent lawyer

LISIA is a valid help for the freelance professional who has to manage cases and clients autonomously. Thanks to our product you will be able to do legal research quickly and reliably without wasting time, as if you were entrusting the work to your best collaborator.

For law firms

Lisia allows you to work in teams through the use of multiple workstations at the same time, with significant cost savings. You will be able to entrust legal research to your collaborators, always obtaining the best results, and you will have more time to devote to Clients and to the resolution of more complex cases.

For Entrepreneurs and Companies

Lisia enables in-house lawyers or in-house counsel to get an immediate first legal response. In-house counsel can then offer greater value to their organisations by finding answers faster and cheaper than external consultants. Take advantage of Lisia to give your team independence and reduce dependency on external resources.

What the lawyers who tried Lisia say about us:

Smart Search

SMART Search Bar

Ability to ask questions in natural language

Targeted answers

Relevant Answers

In a few seconds, Lisia analyses over 3 million documents and extracts the most relevant sentences, highlighting the useful part of the text where the answer is to be found.

access to a history of your searches

Search History

You will always be able to see your searches made over time.

Archiving cases in folders

Saving Cases

You will be able to create folders for each client or specific case, so you can take your office with you at all times.

Continuous support

Live Support

Our experienced attorneys, technicians and sales people, always available by chat, phone or email.

Database update every 7 days

New Judgments Every 7 Days

We update the Lisia DB every week so that we have more up-to-date results.

Artificial intelligence improves responses depending on user feedback

Feedback for each answer

Give your opinion to the answers you receive. Lisia improves with you and you work better.

Simplified subscription management

Simplified Management

You can easily subscribe or unsubscribe whenever you want, and have evidence of your payments and invoices directly from your account in the subscription section.


What exactly does LISIA do?

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What results will I get after asking my question?

Is LISIA as reliable as traditional instruments?

How can I cancel my subscription?

Can I have proof of my payments?

Can I use LISIA on all my devices?

Is my data protected?

Why do I need my credit card?

Our pricing is simple and transparent.

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