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Our goal is to improve the professions through the use of technology to chart the new paths that will guide us in the coming years, and make law and justice more accessible

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Alan Kay

Why Lisia is an innovative technology

NLP and cognitive research

The nerve centre of the technology is Natural Language Processing (NLP), which makes it possible to read, decipher and make sense of human language in an evaluable way.
Natural language processing consists of a succession of stages: 1) Tokenization; 2) Morphological and lexical analysis; 3) Syntactic analysis and parse tree generation; 4) Semantic and discourse analysis.

Lisia uses cognitive search systems , a new generation of search tools that output more relevant results for the user.

Through this process we improve the relevance of the results and automatically optimise the relevance of the results over time. Algorithms continuously refine and improve search results, providing the best relevance to users.

How it works

The Lisia algorithm uses a semantic/vector system to, in a fraction of a second, sort millions of legal data contained in full sentences and maxims in our Search Index to find the most useful and relevant results for what you are looking for.(Information retrieval).

In full sentences, the system is able to highlight the relevant part of the sentence by automatic scrolling (text extraction & automatic highlighter).

Through these tools, the search focuses only on the relevant and pertinent part of the documents, speeding up and simplifying reading.

Users want quick answers to their queries. We have made a lot of progress to provide the most relevant answers, in the fastest way and in the most useful ways.

We rely on extensive testing and have an automated evaluation process to analyse metrics and decide whether to implement a proposed change or feedback. The data from these evaluations and experiments is carefully reviewed by experienced engineers and research analysts, as well as lawyers who determine the decision.
Our team of engineers and lawyers have many ideas for the future to make Lisia's results even more useful and products even more innovative.

The legal market is constantly changing, the way lawyers work will radically change and completely different ways of providing legal services will emerge.

Richard Susskind

The Team

The secret to great work isn't just about technology; it's about working with the right people. The professionals who designed and improve Lisia every day share the same vision and values as the community of professionals around them. A mixture of experience and enthusiasm make Lisia a cutting-edge product.

Lawyer Stefano Palmacci

Lawyer, Partner of DLP law firm in Rome, specialist in legal technologies and start-ups. He gained significant experience in an important Italian law firm in the areas of litigation, contracts, and patent and trademark defence.

Lawyer Giacomo De Luca

Lawyer, Partner of DLP law firm in Rome, specialized in bankruptcy law and litigation. He has gained significant experience in a top Italian law firm. He boasts numerous publications and articles in authoritative journals on bankruptcy law and contracts.

Dr Federica Gaetani

Graduated in Economics at the University of Naples Federico II with honours, she has worked in important advertising agencies of international relevance. Expert in marketing, digital advertising and social media.

Dr. Gianluca Ruggiero

He lives in the USA where he founded Massive Inc, an artificial intelligence startup focused on market data analysis. He gained important experiences in advertising agencies of international relevance covering roles of primary and strategic importance.

Dr Paolo Marocco

He graduated in Applied and Computational Mathematics at the University of Genoa, with a Master in Neural Networks and Psychology obtained at the Sapienza University of Rome. He is now PhD student at the University of Genoa. He boasts publications in specialized journals and more than 10 years of experience in project management in machine learning, search engine and analytic engine.

Ing. Paolo Coletta

He holds a Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering & Computer Science from the University of Genoa. He has more than fifteen years of experience in man-machine interaction, estimation and control of architectures for mobile robots, hybrid system design and more than 50 publications on books and journals. In particular, he has been a research associate at the National Research Council-Institute for Marine Automation.

Lawyer Mauro Calabrese

Attorney with significant litigation experience, experienced and passionate about digital legal data.

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